Betsey Johnson Debuts Wild Workout Clothes For Fall 2013 At New York Fashion Week

Category: Entertainment / Feb 12, 2013 4:03PM EDT
Designer Betsey Johnson kicked it up a notch with sexy workout clothes under the brand "BJ kicks a" for Fall 2013. To put her collection to the test, she led her models in a wild workout session at her runway show on Monday (February 11) at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The 70-year-old New York designer, who studied dance as a child and still practices yoga, talked with Reuters Television backstage about her fall collection, which included a small bag shaped like a boxing glove that comes in red or black. "It's a wrist bag," Johnson said. "And when you see that frightening person around the corner, you just take your bag out and put your glove on. Get 'em up. Get 'em up." She used a rainbow of mostly bright colors - yellow, hot pink, turquoise and red - for her new line of workout jackets, pants, shorts and leggings. Known for her witty touches, Johnson sprinkled some elements of whimsy through her new workout brand. She gave a turquoise jacket a fun "back story" with a decal of blue corset strings. "It's my lace-up corset kind of concept for, I love aerobics. I don't know. I've just, I've done so much stretch stuff over all the years that this seems really right," Johnson said. High-top sneakers kicked up their heels in neon colors and a funky shade of aqua. For the runway workout, Betsey Johnson blew a whistle to signal it was time to start. She called out the moves to her models as she did the workout - cardio, aerobics, push-ups and crunches - with them. "It's fun to do," Johnson said. "Just when you think, 'Enough of the exercises,' it's over, so you can actually do it because it's under five minutes." Johnson plans to release the workout at a later date. The designer performed her trademark cartwheel and splits on the runway at the end of her show - much to the delight of the packed house of fashionistas. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will run through Thursday (February 14), which happens to be Valentine's Day, at Lincoln Center in New York and other venues around the city. Over 90 designers were scheduled to show their Fall 2013 collections during New York fashion week. (Video Source: Reuters)