Bieber Takes The Bait And Brawls With Paparazzi

Category: Entertainment / Mar 08, 2013 11:39AM EDT
Justin Bieber left London hospital early Friday after he collapsed on stage the night before. So not to disappoint his fans Bieber will perform as scheduled this evening. But even celebrities have a breaking point: Bieber is seen in this video being provoked by a photographer, he took the bait and lashed back : Warning the following footage contains obscene language: BODYGUARD: "Watch out guys, give him some space." PAPARAZZI: "What's that all about. That's assault." BODYGUARD: "You're in our way." BODYGUARDS CLOSING CAR DOOR, EXCHANGING WORDS WITH PAPARAZZI BODYGUARD: "You've got to get out of the way, man. You've got to move out of the way." PAPARAZZI: "Fucking little cock. Fuck off back to America. Fucking little moron." BIEBER STORMING OUT OF CAR, TRYING TO PUSH PAST SECURITY SAYING: "Fuck did you say? PAPARAZZI: "You heard what I said." JUSTIN BIEBER: "What'd you say?" PAPARAZZI: "You heard what I fucking said." JUSTIN BIEBER: "I'll fucking beat the fuck out of you." PAPARAZZI: "Who's your fucking bouncer? Who's your fucking bouncer." JUSTIN BIEBER: "I don't give a fuck who you are." PAPARAZZI: "Who's your fucking bouncers? Come back you prick. Alright? Fucking little cock" SECURITY PUSHING BIEBER BACK INTO CAR / PAPARAZZI YELLING: "Fucking little cock." ANOTHER PAPARAZZI: "What you doing? What you doing?" Video Courtesy Of Reuters