Bikinis Trademarks The Term 'Breastaurant': Is Hooters Shaking In Their Booty Shorts?

Category: Media & Culture / Apr 12, 2013 12:34AM EDT
The terms ‘breastaurant’ is often used to describe eateries where scantily dressed waitresses serve their patrons food and drinks. But Texas chain, ‘Bikinis Sports and grill’ has trademarked the term, as confirmed by a press release by their CEO Doug Guller. The chain first opened in 2006, and has huge plans to expand, with a strategy to open fifty more restaurants around the country in five years. Hooters is an American Icon and arguable the first ‘breastaurant’: They do however have a lot of competition from places like The Tilted Kilt, Bone Daddy’s and Twin Peaks. With over 460 restaurants around the country, the favored American chain is struggling to stay number one as evident in a 4% sales drop in the past year. The ‘breastaurant’ industry is lucrative making over $1 billion dollars annually. The trademark of the term has generated a lot of publicity, and time will tell how it affects industry leaders like Hooters.