Bill Clinton Tours New Agricultural Facilities In Slowly Recovering Haiti

Category: Politics / Mar 11, 2013 1:48PM EDT
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the U.N.'s special envoy for Haiti, touted the importance of revitalizing the poor Caribbean nation's agricultural sector as it struggles to recover following the massive earthquake which devastated much of the country more than three years ago. Clinton was joined by an Agricultural Investment Delegation as they toured agricultural facilities on Sunday (March 10) including an agricultural school in the central city of Mirebalais in the country's Central Plateau. On Sunday Clinton said investment to rejuvenate the agricultural sector is an important facet of a sustained economic recovery here. "We have had an investment tour for industry, an investment tour for energy, an investment tour for tourism, but I think all of us know that in order to have any kind of balanced economic growth for Haiti and to restore the health of the children and restore the health of the country - the environmental health of the country - we have to revitalize the agriculture sector in a way that also advances the economy, the environment and especially reforestation," Clinton said. Clinton also visited a coffee-processing plant and a brewery and is expected to announce Clinton Foundation grants for the agricultural sector. The visit marks Clinton's second this year after he came in January to mark the third anniversary of the deadly earthquake. (Video Source: REUTERS)