Black Friday 2013: Where To Get The Best Video Game Deals

Category: Media & Culture / Nov 25, 2013 6:06PM EDT

Millions of people will be rising early on Friday to get in line to grab the best possible Black Friday Deals. But with all the sales, where should gamers go for the best deals on consoles and accessories?

The PlayStation 4 sold out after its launch on November 15th and the highly anticipated XBox One was just realized on Friday, so do gamers even have a chance of grabbing the hot product this Friday?

From Walmart to Amazon reporter Charles Poladian shares the best deals for video game enthusiasts. While the stores are being competitive there are certainly better deals if you want to buy bundles.

The best advice Charles offered is to get in early. Many stores have limited stock and with these types of prices there will not be enough stock to go around. So be prepared to brave the cold and crowds as we lead up to the sales. You may also be pleasantly surprised to learn that many stores are doing sales leading up to Friday and after.