Body Found In Australia’s Blue Mountains: Believed To Be Missing Man Gary Tweddle

Category: World / Sep 03, 2013 1:39PM EDT

Gary Tweddle, 23 has been missing since mid-July after he wondered into the bush land while on a work conference: Police on Tuesday recovered the body of a man believed to be Tweddle in the Blue Mountains. Daryl Jobson from the Blue Mountains Police commented on the discovery:

"The deceased I'm told is similar in appearance to Gary Tweddle. It may possibly be him but we're not ruling out anything else. What we need to do is go through our formal identification processes to make sure that we identity the right male and making sure that we're notifying the right next of kin and at an appropriate time we'll be able to convey to you the identity of the man."

The body was found in dense bush near a cliff, the body has now been airlifted out so it may be formally identified. Gary Tweedle was a British-born computer sales representative and it is believed he become lost while taking a walk and may have had a tragic accident that lead to his death

Though the body is not confirmed as Tweedle police suspect it is him as the body has been confirmed as a man in his 20’s, and a shirt matching the description of what he was wearing was found near the body.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters