Body Of Skydiver Found Ten Days After He Plunged To His Death

Category: Society / Dec 19, 2012 12:36PM EDT
The body of a 48-year-old skydiver was found on Monday (December 17), ten days after he plunged to his death. The Dutch police, who started an investigation after two hunters discovered the body, said it closed the investigation on Wednesday (December 19) after concluding no crime had been committed. The man skydived with nine others in a jump Dutch police said. Because skydivers have no obligation to report back to the club after their jump, the death went unnoticed for days. The man was living on his own and did not have a regular job where his absence would have been noted. The police said it has advised the skydiving club to change its rules in the wake of the incident to oblige skydivers to report back at the airport after each jump.