Bookies Place Their Bets: The Top Two Favored Names For The Royal Baby

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 18, 2013 8:36AM EDT

As ‘The Great Kate Wait’ continues in London bets are being placed on what name the royal heir, who is third in line for the British throne will bear. Media and fans continue to camp out the front of St. Mary’s Hospital waiting for Kate to give birth, and the biggest question, will it be a Prince or a Princess?

Bookies have placed their bets and the top two names for the baby are Alexandra if it’s a girl and George for a boy:

"So everybody is thinking it is going to be a girl, but rather than just backing a girl they are going for a little bit of extra value. They are going for Alexandra, the most popular name. Charlotte, 6-1, second favorite, a lively outsider. And Elizabeth, obviously you start to get into the regal names here. Elizabeth 7-1, Victoria 9-1 and of course Diana 10-1, that's been very popular and well-backed."

"A boy is the outsider at 6-4, a girl 1-2. So you might notice that we have got George at 11-9, James at 9-1 and it is 33-1 until we have got the third favorite for Phillip. George obviously a very traditional royal name and it has been very well backed over the last few months, or the last few weeks, sorry, was as long as 12-1 a few weeks ago, now 11-2, it's the second favorite out of both boys and girls names. James, again a very traditional royal name, 9-1 and then Phillip, obviously is it going to be named after great-granddad, who knows? It doesn't look very likely at 33-1 but there's been a few people placing the occasional pound on it."

The odds are favoring that Kate is having a girl, but of course the betting is all in good fun. We will only know once Kate has given birth. The Duchess of Cambridge is said to be escaping the media glare at her parents’ home in the Paddington area of London.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters