Boy Rescued After Being Stuck In Window Bars

Category: World / Jun 28, 2013 4:27PM EDT

 A four-year-old boy stuck in the window grill of a two-story apartment, was freed by firefighters in southwest China, state media reported on Friday (June 28).

The boy stuck his head out of the window to see his older sister off as she left home for school on Thursday (June 27) afternoon. The boy missed a step and was caught between the bars.

The sister, shocked by what she saw, rushed back home and sought help from her neighbors.

She and a neighbor twisted a bed sheet into a rope, and held the boy up with it, according to CCTV and photographs.

Another neighbor managed to find a ladder and supported the boy's body with his shoulder before the local firefighters took over.

Firefighters cut four bars with bolt cutters to free the boy, and the rescue took about ten minutes.

CCTV did not report on the boy's condition.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters