Brazilian Doctors Accused Of Using Fake Fingers To Fool Employers

Category: Society / Mar 14, 2013 2:54PM EDT
Fingerprint technology to check in and out of work, was once considered fool proof, but it seems a group of Brazilian doctors have put their effectiveness to the test. They have been accused of using silicone thumbs to clock in co-workers. It has been reported that 11 doctors have been accused of doing such acts, one of which was caught on camera. The same doctor caught on camera was later accused from an anonymous tipper that she held 6 fake fingers, three of which contain co-workers prints. It has been alleged that this doctor was paid $2,400 a month to clock in 11 other doctors. The doctor could face a charge of falsifying a public document and if found guilty, could spend 2-6 years in jail. Video Courtesy Of Reuters