'Breathing' Wax Figure Of Late Soviet Leader Lenin Shocks Visitors

Category: Society / Feb 27, 2013 11:48AM EDT
A private museum at the Moscow exhibition Centre famous for its grandiose Soviet era exhibition pavilions has caused quite a controversy by displaying a statue of the Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin. The statue was placed in a special dark room to recreate the famous Lenin's Mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square which holds the real embalmed body of the late Soviet leader. The statue itself is a full-size replica of Lenin's embalmed body and looks very similar to its famous original with one exception - it breathes. With his arms crossed over his chest, the rising and falling rhythm of a real sleeping man produced a creepy effect for the visitors. The Mausoleum in Red Square has recently been closed for repairs and covered with a white screen. It is expected to be reopened at the end of April. Video Source: Reuters