Britain's Cameron Visits FBI Headquarters To Talk Boston Bombings -- promo

Category: Daily Promo / May 13, 2013 12:21PM EDT


British Prime Minister David Cameron visited FBI headquarters on Monday (May 13) during the first day of an official visit to the U.S.

Cameron was received by FBI Chief Robert Mueller before touring the building, including the control room.

This is his first trip to the United States since U.S. President Barack Obama won a second term.

Cameron was due to receive a detailed briefing from the FBI on the Boston bombings to see if Britain can learn lessons from how the United States responded. He is also expected to express his condolences to the victims of the attack.

Earlier on Monday, Cameron met with Obama to discuss the conflict in Syria and said he wasn't ruling out taking tougher action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces over growing evidence it was using chemical weapons.

Video Source: Reuters