California Police Arrest Saudi Princess Accused Of Holding A Servant Captive In Home

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 11, 2013 1:25PM EDT

A Saudi Princess has been arrested by Californian authorities on charges of human trafficking after being accused of holding a Kenyan woman as a servant against her will, after bringing her to the United States. The woman accused is named Michelle Alayban who is 42: It is alleged she paid the Kenyan woman $220 a month, held her passport and confined her to the apartment complex against her will.

There the woman was forced to do house hold chores like cook, clean and do laundry without a day off. The victim’s name is yet to be released by the prosecutors.

Police arrested the suspect on Wednesday after the victim escaped and flagged down a bus driver where her horrible tale of slavery and abuse was told.

Video Courtesy OF Reuters