Campaigners Mark 2nd Anniversary Of Occupy Wall Street Movement

Category: Media & Culture / Sep 18, 2013 9:41AM EDT

Occupy Wall Street campaigners rekindled protests in New York City's Lower Manhattan on Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of the movement, showing that the sentiments are still there and they will continue marching on.

A pared-down version of the Occupy Wall Street movement was seen again in Zuccotti Park, the place where the movement started on Sept 17, 2011 and sprang up on the streets of New York City with the aim to campaign against Wall Street greed and corporate influence in American politics. The movement inspired dozens of spin-offs around the globe.

But two years later, those who have been involved since the start feel the movement has definitely changed.

"At year two it's more about building relationships and people are getting more used to each other. So it's more respectful. People are understanding one another," said Mike Henny, an Occupy Wall Street campaigner. "It is more about, I guess, this a structure being built as far as like a family structure and a brotherhood. So I guess year two is not as aggressive and intense as the first year was, but I feel like this year is progressive or even more progressive as the first year."

They argue their "we are the 99 percent" slogan has become a common phrase since their main message of income and equality has been heard.

Video Credit: Reuters