Can Eating Processed Meat Lead To Early Death?

Category: Society / Mar 07, 2013 4:18PM EDT
A new study has proposed that eating processed meats like pies, sausages can lead to an early death from heart disease and cancer. The research was conducted through the study of half a million people and was reported in the journal BMC Medicine. Tracy Parker commented on the findings and stated that meats like pork, goat, beef and lamb were a healthier alternative: "The report was highlighting the fact that people who consume a lot of processed meat, which in the context of the study included things like sausages and bacon, ham, salami were at high risk of premature death or early death. So it was trying to highlight the fact that people should be encouraged to eat less of these foods. The benefits of the study show us that red meat like pork, beef has some benefits. And of course, poultry -- chicken and turkey -- actually there was no association with premature death. So while we are focusing on processes meats, the other benefit of the study is to show what we need to do is to have a rounded intake of alternative protein." High processed meat consumption led to a 72% increased risk of dying from heart disease, and an 11% risk of dying from cancer. The answer to the probing question of how much is too much is put quite simply in the old saying everything in moderation. Anything above more 160 grams a day is too much. Video Courtesy Of Reuters