Can The Tour de France Be Won Without Doping? Jonathan Vaughters Sounds Off

Category: Sports / Jun 28, 2013 1:53PM EDT

Lance Armstrong hot on the heels of controversy and scandal made a statement that the Tour de France could not be won without doping. Some of the biggest names in cycling, including, Jonathan Vaughters said that Armstrong’s comments were in fact false:

"What needs to change is that, again, the first thing is I think that we need complete truth and transparency into what happened in the sort of the fifteen-year era of the nineties or early mid-2000s, so that we can understand what mistakes were made and how to make sure those mistakes don't happen again. Because as I stand here now today, I think racing has cleaned up a lot, I think the science points that way, I think the Tour de France can be won clean."

"The science, to me, very clearly points to a trend that the racing is considerably cleaner, that it is possible to win the Tour de France clean. That's where, when you look at the climbing speeds, the blood profiles, and you put in amalgam that information, that's... the data points otherwise, the data points to the racing is slower than it used to be. Even though the equipment is better and the training is better. So to me, there's really only one possible explanation to that and that's, you know, that doping has decreased a lot."


Video Courtesy Of Reuters*