Canada Day Care Shooting: Two Adults Confirmed Dead

Category: World / Apr 05, 2013 3:50PM EDT
Two adults have been confirmed as dead after a tragic shooting at two daycare centers in Quebec. No children were shot or injured. Police received reports of gunshots at the two houses. The children were luckily unharmed. One of the dead adults is presumed to be the shooter, the other a daycare worker. Sergeant John-Paul Lemay commented on the tragic shooting: "When we arrived we were able to validate that there were gunshots at 225 and 229 Gamelin. These are two houses that serve as a...I'm sorry, day care center. There are 53 kids that are in these two places. Forty-eight older kids up to age five that are at 225 Gamelin and 5 babies." Police have not yet revealed the identities of the dead, as the investigation is still underway. All 53 of the children in the two daycare centers were evacuated by the police. Video Courtesy Of Reuters