Candy Cane Lane Delights Los Angeles

Category: Media & Culture / Dec 18, 2012 5:33PM EDT
While Southern California is known for it's endless summer, one Los Angeles neighborhood has its own tradition of spreading the holiday cheer. For the past 50 years, residents along Woodland Hill's "Candy Cane Lane" have spent every holiday season decking out their homes with elaborate lights and decorations. And for many, who've grown up with fond memories of making a trip here, no Christmas is complete without it. "It makes me feel nostalgic," explained Serena Santa Maria, one of those who counts the lights of "Candy Cane Lane" as an important part of her childhood. "I am the one that wanted to come to see this. It hasn't really felt like Christmas this year. It just really brings the Christmas spirit." Others like Julie Holgoman, just feel the need to make a special trip to the normally quiet little neighborhood in Tarzana, which is part of the suburb of Woodland Hills. "Seriously in California, when you have such nice weather you really need the lights, it makes you feel good," said Holgoman, as she readied for another photo of her grandchildren as they posed in front of one of the homes. "It is a tradition for me," said homeowner Maria Loweski. "My family grew up here and my grandmother was one of the ones to start it. We do it every year and we drive it almost every night. They love it. My husband puts almost 80-thousand lights for them." And for residents along "Candy Cane Lane" - it's actually Oxnard St. the other 11 months of the year - the opportunity to share the joy of the holidays with people they don't even know is worth the time and effort.