Cars For Every Budget At The New York International Auto Show 2013

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 27, 2013 7:17PM EDT
The New York International Auto Show had driving machines for every consumer, from the modest to the most luxurious. German car maker volkswagon unveiled its new golf 2015 and gti Wednesday. The gri in its true sporty fashion rolled out in flashy red. It boasted such new features as new plaid sports seats, red lighting and stainless steel pedals. The cars designer Walter de silva described the car as "the definition of our future". The golf, a classic of the VW family rolled out a new spacious model. It boasted more leg and shoulder room, repositioned seats, pedals and controls. In addition there was a new base radio, with a 5.8 inch touch screen and a smart phone senser. Both 2015 models will be released 2014. Their pricing will be made available closer to the release date. Acura unveiled their 2014 MDX as their latest luxury SUV for supreme family driving. With the body lower by 1 1/2 inches this model is the lightest in its class. The base of the wheels is three inches longer, it's 3.5 liters and has a V.6 engine.