Chelsea's Surprise Di Matteo Sacking Shocks Fans

Category: Sports / Nov 21, 2012 2:29PM EDT
Chelsea's sacking of manager Roberto Di Matteo shocked fans outside the team's Stamford Bridge ground on Wednesday (November 21). One fan, Mark stood up for the former club favourite. " They never gave the man a chance, " he said " He's won the (sic) Championship for him, I think he wants far too much far too quickly and he wants it all now, he's thrown his toys out of the pram, hasn't he." Another, Chris, said fans of the club had become used to rapid change. " I'm not totally surprised, " he said " I thought he sounded very downbeat after last night's game, that's really the scene we've had here for the last few years, but though on the other hand although change has been rapid we've also had a lot of success, so I'm not totally suprised, to be honest." Alan Pardew, manager of Premier League club Newcastle United, admitted he was astonished. " As far as I'm concerned he's done nothing wrong. His philosophy was perhaps to change the look of the team, which he's tried to do, that doesn't happen overnight, he's won two competitions in less than a year, so it's unbelievable. He should walk into another job, but probably somebody else's misfortune unfortunately." Chelsea removed Di Matteo just six months after the Italian led the London club to a first Champions League title.