Chilean Man Survives 20 Days Lost In National Park Eating Bugs And Plants

Category: Society / Feb 28, 2013 3:07PM EDT
A Chilean man was taken to the hospital on Tuesday (February 26) after surviving 20 days lost in a national park. Thirty-two-year-old Daniel Flores Garcia, who lives in the capital city of Santiago, managed to survive almost three weeks by eating insects and plants. He was rescued when children on a boat in a nearby lake found him and helped him return to civilization. Flores Garcia looked weary as he was taken into the hospital, but said he felt fine. Garcia went missing on February 6 after traveling to an island off the southern coast on holiday. He became lost in the park's thick forest during the expedition. The navy, the National Forest Corporation, firemen and the Special Chilean Police Unit launched a large search operation after he failed to return, combing the area by land and air. The man was suffering from dehydration and weight loss but was otherwise in 'surprisingly good condition,' Deputy Sub-Prefect Of Chilean Police Investigations, Victor Hernandez said. Video Source: Reuters