Chilean President Praises 11-Year-Old Rape Victim For Not Aborting Child

Category: World / Jul 10, 2013 2:47PM EDT

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera praised an 11-year-old girl on Tuesday (July 9) for showing "depth and maturity" as she prepares to mother the child of the man who repeatedly raped her.

The fifth grader was continually raped over a period of about two years by her mother's partner and is now 14 weeks pregnant with his child.

Abortion in Chile is illegal in all circumstances including in the case of rape or if the pregnancy presents a danger to the mother, a policy the conservative president supports.

The president's comments have struck a chord in socially conservative Chile which has resulted in a national debate over the abortion policy.

Critics, want the strict policy to be relaxed to allow for abortion in certain circumstances including rape and when the mother's health is at risk.

Chile is one of seven Latin American countries where abortion is completely banned.

The man who raped the young girl has been arrested and reportedly confessed to the crime.

Video Credit: Reuters