Chilly Chimps Keep Warm With Hot Tea And Blankets

Category: Society / Jan 24, 2013 9:16AM EDT
As a cold snap still hovers over most of the UK humans are not the only ones suffering. It seems the animals are also feeling the brutal grunt of winter. At the Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary chimps are keeping warm by wrapping up in blankets and drinking warm tea. Many of the apes come from warm natural habitats, where they can bask in the heat of a wild rainforest. One particular monkey won’t go outside without her blanket zoo keeper Jan Garen explained: "She lived in a house for about 29 years when she was a youngster, so it's just what she's been used to. And she enjoys having a blanket; it doesn't do her any harm so if she wants one to keep warm she can have one," So for now these cute little chimps are left shivering with the rest of us humans, but like us do what they can to keep warm in the winter months.