Chinese Astronauts Give First Space Lecture Making Water Balls In Orbit

Category: Technology / Jun 20, 2013 3:32PM EDT

China’s Shenzhou 10 astronauts proved its fun to live in space on Thursday, when they beamed their first space lecture down to earth.

During a 51 minutes class from aboard the orbiting Tiangong 1, female astronaut Wang Yaping demonstrated principles of weightlessness and took children’s questions live, as over 330 kids gathered in a Beijing auditorium.

Yaping made a water film with a water bag and a metal ring, explaining to students that zero gravity in space magnifies the surface tension of water.

She then poured water into a second water film, creating a water ball.

China’s first space lecture was also watched by 60 million students and teachers, at about 80,000 schools across the country, live on TV.

The three astronauts set off to space aboard the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft on June 11 and arrived at Tiangong 1’s docking station on June 13, with plans to conduct experiments that might lead to a future space station.

Video Credit: Reuters