Chinese Millionaire Sells Canned Air On The Streets Of Smog-Filled Beijing

Category: Society / Jan 30, 2013 1:57PM EDT
Beijing’s air pollution problem is known worldwide, and one eccentric Chinese billionaire is cashing in. Chen Guangbiao, a southern Chinese tycoon known for his showmanship, is selling what the capital desperately needs - fresh air. Chen and his colleagues took to the streets on Wednesday to give away hundreds of cans of fresh air collected from pure, far away regions of China. Chen made his fortune in the recycling business and is regarded as one of China’s highest-profile philanthropists, whose wealth is estimated at 740 million dollars. He wants people to realize that selling clean air could one day be a reality if air quality doesn’t improve. "I'm selling this clean air to remind everyone to protect our environment. Selling this air, I am using an exaggerated method, a principle, to tell everyone that if we don't start protecting the air in our environment, in ten years our descendants will all be wearing gas masks," he said. Beijing's poor air quality shocked citizens over the past few weeks with the worst ever recorded smog. Chen began his campaign last September, and proceeds from the cans are donated to poorer regions. Video Source: Reuters