Christie’s And Sotheby’s Exhibit Their Finest Artworks In Summer Sales

Category: Media & Culture / Jun 07, 2013 3:17PM EDT

Christie’s and Sotheby’s have put on display various highlights from their eclectic upcoming summer sale. Paintings across genres and time adorn the walls at both auction houses in an impressive collection of exquisite art.

Orlando Rock from Sotheby’s explained the significance of the diversity in the art, from time, to subject to artist:

"To me what's so exciting is mixing together Kandinsky, Rubens, Millais, Rodin, Susini and even antiquities to show people how the same subjects are dealt with so differently across different millennia, across different subjects. And it's a very exciting dialogue that you have which provides real energy and it makes people think provocatively about how artists deal with subjects."

Art lovers and buyers have the chance to check out both exhibitions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s between June 7-11.