Christopher Kane Displays Five Collections At London Fashion Week

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 18, 2013 12:55PM EDT
Scottish designer Christopher Kane has put on a bumper display at London Fashion Week. The 30-year-old put a total of five collections before the eyes of the fashion world. The event was held on the expansive empty floor of a modern office space in London. Shadows were mixed in with paths of brightly colored lights. Fashion writer Sasha Wilkins, who writers the Libertygirllondon blog, was impressed with what she saw. "He's always understood what women want to wear," she said. "And the really interesting thing about him is that each season you can tell it's Christopher Kane but he reinvents himself - it's always different, it's always exciting. But you can spot his handwriting too. And he sets trends. He showed an extraordinary purple collection and then you saw purple everywhere. He is at the forefront of our fashion leaders right now." LFW is a destination for buyers from across the globe, and is estimated to generate sales of 100 million pounds. London Fashion Week ends on Tuesday (February 19). Video Source: Reuters