Cleaner Steals Train Then Crashes It Into A Residential Building

Category: Society / Jan 15, 2013 10:08AM EDT
A local train derailed at high speed at an end station and crashed into a nearby residential building on Tuesday (January 15) morning in the Swedish capital of Stockholm injuring one person. When the train reached the end station, southeast of Stockholm, it did not slow down and drove through the stop barriers at the end of the track and careered into the nearby building. The train was driven by a female cleaner who had apparently stolen it from the train depot where she was working. She was seriously injured in the crash and was flown to hospital. She is under arrest for 'devastation endangering the public'. Local media said the train, which was empty when the cleaner stole it, had landed in the kitchen on the first floor of the building which houses three separate apartments. The Express newspaper is quoted as saying that five residents were sleeping in the building at the time of the accident. None were hurt. The building is the first stop past the barrier at the end of the station which the train crashed through when it derailed some 50 meters from the station. The building has been evacuated.