Cleveland Kidnapping Victim Gina DeJesus Gives Thumbs Up To Cheering Crowd

Category: Society / May 08, 2013 4:47PM EDT
Gina DeJesus, free less than two days from a decade of captivity with two other women in a Cleveland house, arrived at her family home on Wednesday (May 8). Friends and neighbors lined the streets nearby chanting "Gina, Gina," as a motorcade of police officers escorted the van transporting DeJesus and family members. Her father Felix DeJesus was seen pumping his fists in the air followed by Gina DeJesus, who exited the van shrouded in a yellow hooded shirt and raising a thumbs up sign to the crowd. Police released some details about the search of the house where the women were held, including the discovery of chains and ropes police said were used to tie up the victims. Police said no human remains were found. Three brothers identified by police as the suspects were expected to be charged by the end of the day, police said.