Closer Magazine Editor: Nothing Wrong With Publishing Topless Kate Middleton Photos

Category: World / Sep 14, 2012 10:41AM EDT

The editor of a French celebrity gossip magazine on Friday said there was nothing wrong with her decision to run topless pictures of Kate Middleton and said she had decided to withhold running even more intimate images.

In her first public comments since arousing global attention by running a series of pictures on the front page of the magazine and across several pages inside, the editor of Closer magazine, Laurence Pieau said initial reactions had been over-dramatic.

She said the publication was a good news story and nothing similar to the pictures published two weeks earlier of Britain's Prince Harry, who was seen naked hugging a naked woman in a Las Vegas hotel.

Significantly, the editor said she had decided not to run even more explicit pictures that were part of the set, choosing instead to focus on the softer ones, which show the Duchess on a balcony of a mansion in the South of France.