Coach Ancelotti: Beckham To Play Saturday, Denies Real Madrid Rumors

Category: Daily Promo / May 17, 2013 12:17PM EDT


Retiring David Beckham will feature in Ligue 1 champions Paris St Germain's match at home on Saturday (May 18).

Coach Carlo Ancelotti told reporters on Friday (May 16), "he is going to play.”

Ancelotti ducked questions about his own future at a news conference on Friday (May 17).

Beckham, 38, said on Thursday (May 16) that he would retire from playing at the end of the season after a short stint at PSG, triggering an avalanche of tributes to the former England captain.

Ancelotti joined the chorus, saying: "The football world lost a fantastic players, lost a fantastic professional, lost a good man but I think that he takes the right decision because he decided to stop and not other people."

It will be Beckham's 10th Ligue 1 appearance this season after he joined PSG in late January and Ancelotti said Beckham was always a delight to work with.

"Really professional, really humble, really likes football, loves his football, that is it all his best qualities," he said. "I found a player very, very humble, a man very humble, this is the best quality I saw in his character."

Ancelotti, who had already worked with the 38 year-old Englishman at AC Milan, singled out Beckhman as master of the passing game.

"Technically he was one of the best players in the world in the passing. His career was fantastic. He played in the best clubs in the world, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Milan, Paris St Germain. He has gone to America and won championships there. So, his career was fantastic and he was a fantastic midfielder."

Ancelotti, whose contract runs until June next year, refused to discuss his future and denied speculation that he could go to Real Madrid.

Video Source: Reuters