College Students Involved In Tragic Murder-Suicide Shooting

Category: Society / Feb 12, 2013 8:46AM EDT
In another tragic incident of gun violence, authorities were on the scene of a murder-suicide in College Park Maryland, early Tuesday morning, around 1am. Local media reported that the incident involved three college students: One reportedly opened fire on two of his housemates in an off-campus residence before turning the gun on himself. The residence is located about a block from the University campus. The violence begun when the basement of the house was reportedly lit on fire by the gunman: When his two room-mates confronted him, he shot them, one of which is confirmed dead. It is reported that after the shooting the gunman moved to the rear of the house where he took his own life. The second wounded room-mate is expected to survive but remains in a serious condition. None of the three student’s names have been released pending notification of their families. Video Courtesy Of Reuters