Conjoined Gray Whales Found Dead: Is This A World First?

Category: World / Jan 08, 2014 2:13PM EDT

Discovered in Mexico by fisherman was a pair of conjoined grey whales who were found dead in the Baja California Peninsula. The unique whales were joined in the mid-section and weighed in at a whopping half a ton and were 13 feet long.

They each had their own head and tails; but experts believe they had little chance of survival and were probably born from a miscarriage and did not survive long after birth.  Their carcasses could be the first ever discovery of its kind. While conjoined whales have been born before, this appears to be the first time for the grey whale species.

The grey whale can grow to 49 feet long and weigh up to 36 tones and live up to 70 years long.  The conjoined twins were found in an area where a lot of whales of this kind migrate every year in the hunt for warmer waters. Most of the calves are born around this time in late December, early January.



Video Courtesy Of Reuters