Conjoined Twins Born Sharing Liver, Can They Be Separated?

Category: Technology / Mar 20, 2013 4:06PM EDT
Peruvian doctors are optimistic they will be able to separate twin baby girls who are joined at the abdomen and share a liver. The twins were born in Lima, Peru on February 26 and are still being treated at the intensive care unit. Conjoined twins are rare: Experts say around 40 percent of those are stillborn or die during labor, and another third die within 24 hours. The surgery presents some challenges, But according to doctors its not impossible "Fortunately they were born with a good weight, about three kilograms each, which is an advantage for their survival. The baby girls were born 17 days ago. After having conducted sophisticated image studies, including magnetic resonance studies, we have determined they are joined by the liver organ and fortunately they don't share the vascular system, meaning it is possible to separate them," The twins mother is still in hospital recovering.