Controversial 'Honor Killing' In India Sparks Outrage

Category: World / Nov 27, 2012 1:00PM EDT
The death of a 28 year-old man who was allegedly killed in north India by his upper class in-laws has caused outrage across the country. The in-laws were allegedly angered at the insult to their 'honor' after their daughter eloped with the victim, Abdul Hakim. The girl’s parents did not approve of the coupling due to their different backgrounds. Hakim eloped with his neighbor in 2010, and the couple fled to New Delhi. The couple returned to the village a few months ago where Hakim was shot dead last Thursday (November 22). Hakim's pregnant widow said that even after her husband was killed, village elders wanted his family to suffer the same fate. So-called "honor" killings, when a person is murdered by their family out of belief the victim has brought shame, are common in some parts of patriarchal India. Police have so far made two arrests in the case.