Controversial Pre-Columbian Auction Attracts Buyers To Sotheby's

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 22, 2013 4:10PM EDT
A controversial auction of pre-Columbian artifacts attracted buyers to Sotheby's in Paris on Friday (March 22). The vast Barbier-Mueller collection went under the hammer, with objects representing 3,000 years of history. One potential buyer,said he was keen to add a piece to his own collection. "I am very fond of pre-Columbian things, and this time it's a fantastic collection, the Barbier-Mueller. So even if you don't buy it's fantastic to see, it's museum quality things. And this why I want to come and maybe if the prices are not too high, maybe I will buy something to put in my collection," Cyrille Monsour said. Monsour added that the prospect of the collection being dispersed around the world didn't upset him. "The fact that they sell thing makes that all these beautiful things from all the civilisations, from pre-Columbian, will leave and will be loved by people who love them, and this is why I completely agree with what is going on there," he said. The auction has however reportedly angered Mexico, who according to various media reports asked France to withdraw 130 pieces from the sale. At the Paris branch of Sotheby's, art fans still flocked to see the works even when they had no intention of buying. One passer-by said he was attracted to the sale and had admired the objects despite knowing little about them. After two sessions on Friday, the sale of the collection is set to conclude on Saturday afternoon with a third and final auction. Video Source: Reuters