Cough Syrup Suspected In Killing At Least 17 People

Category: World / Nov 28, 2012 11:48AM EDT
The death toll in Pakistan on Tuesday (November 27) reached at least 17 after people allegedly drank a cough syrup suspected of being toxic. Authorities were forced to close three pharmacies and a pharmaceutical factory. Doctors in the Mayo hospital in Lahore said 24 victims were brought to the hospital. By Tuesday eight of the victims had died, eight were still under treatment, while another eight had recovered and been discharged Police and health officials working on the case said they believed the victims had added something to the syrup to make it more intoxicating. But families of the victims staged a rally on Shahdara road, claiming that the syrup, called Tyno was toxic, and their relatives had died after taking normal prescribed doses of the cough medicine. The government has banned the sale of the cough syrup and closed three pharmacies selling the drug, arresting the owners. Police said they had also arrested the owner of the pharmaceutical factory where the cough syrup was made and sent samples to a laboratory for detailed analysis to determine whether it is toxic.