Could Venice Finally Sink With Recent Flooding Caused By High Tides?

Category: World / Feb 12, 2013 10:55AM EDT
Northern Italy has been hit with heavy rain and snow that has caused a high tide in Venice with water flooding the main squares and streets. Tourists walked the submerged walkways only to notice ice chunks floating in the water. Non-stop rain has caused the unusual high tides for this time of year, with 1.43 meters above the usual levels. Despite the high level, things could have been much worse. Officials had warned that 60% of Venice could have been under water, which could then of lead to the main square St Marks being totally sunk. According to The Christian Science Monitor, Venice has sunk almost a foot over the past 100 years. Lucky for Venice is has become a major priority for the Italian Government to keep the city from flooding for the past 30 years. Some however argue that the only way to save the city from flooding is to move it entirely. Video Courtesy Of Reuters