Couple Accused Of Starving Their Daughter To Death Are Sentenced To 3 Years In Jail

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 27, 2014 1:55PM EDT

An American couple living in Qatar has been charged starving their 8 year old adopted daughter, Gloria to death. On Thursday they were sentenced to 3 years in jail, and the couple was left shocked.  Mathew and Grace Huang say Gloria died of medical problems complicated by her eating patterns.

The prosecution however, state that the couple deprived their child of food and demanded the death penalty.  Now the Huang’s are demanding that the verdict be overturned, as they say they are innocent:

"We are calling on the united States President Obama to call the Head of State in Qatar to explain to him why American families adopt high-needs children. This verdict should be overturned immediately and we should be allowed to go home."

Gloria was pronounced dead when the Huang’s took her to the hospital in January 2013. The doctor who performed her autopsy concluded that the cause of death was dehydration and wasting disease.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters