Couple Jailed For Torturing Their Maid: Forced To Wear A Diaper, Tied Up And Beaten

Category: World / Sep 18, 2013 12:58PM EDT

A couple in Hong Kong has been jailed for the abuse of their maid on Wednesday. Hong Kong has around 300,000 domestic workers, largely from poorer countries like the Philippines and Indonesia: They are often excluded from rights of minimum wage, other basic rights and services.

The abuse included making their 30 year old maid wear a diaper, beating her with a bicycle chain and tying her up on a chair for days on end- this abuse lasted two years; the couple, 42 year old Tai Chi-wai with his wife Catherine Au Yuk-shan were given a five and half year jail sentence for their heinous crimes after being found guilty of 8 charges.

Migrant workers were there at the court to show their support for her and their rights as foreign workers. Cynthia Ca Abdon-Tellez, the General Manager of Mission for Migrant Workers expressed the need for these rights:

"In any given year, from the previous years, we get between 800 to 1,500 cases a year. Now, at this point, we have more than 1,000 already. At this point of the year, and we haven't finished the whole year yet, and it's not the last quarter of the year. So it's serious. It's serious in the sense that some people think that it's not abuse. They think when they are treating their foreign domestic workers much lower than, or worse than, when they treat their pets, it's sad that some people think it's acceptable to treat your domestic workers badly."

The group now hopes that this case will shine public light on the rights of domestic workers, in doing that current laws and policies need to be revised so human rights can be sustained and this type of abuse won’t happen.



Video Courtesy Of Reuters