Crew Takes A Water Dive As World's First Carbon Fiber Helicopter Crashes

Category: Technology / May 07, 2013 10:02AM EDT
The pilot and the passenger on board the world's first carbon fiber helicopter walked away unscathed on Tuesday (May 7) after the aircraft crashed into the water at Auckland harbor. The moment of impact was caught on camera as Composite Helicopters International filmed the event for a promotional video. Pilot, Peter Maloney said he saw a turbine warning light come on and then lost power before declaring a mayday and performing what he described as a textbook emergency ditching into the water. "The water landing was effectively uneventful, everything went as it should do in a condition like that and we both managed to get out of the aircraft without any injuries," Maloney said. "The landing was amazingly smooth for an emergency landing," said Nina Heatley who was a passenger on board. Peter Maloney's company built the KC-518, the world's first all carbon kevlar helicopter which is still being tested. "The aircraft has done about 200 hours of flying and the reason we're over the water is because we're still in our flight evaluation phase if you like. Up until now the helicopter has been flying very well," Maloney said. The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand said they will investigate the cause of the crash. Video Source: Reuters