Cyclone Cleopatra Leaves Italy ‘In A State Of Emergency’ As Death Toll Climbs To 16

Category: World / Nov 19, 2013 8:36AM EDT

The death toll continues to rise as the chaos of Cyclone Cleopatra in Sardinia mounts. Intense rainfall and flooding has caused Rivers to swell, banks to burst, buildings to flood and vehicles have also been swept away.  Italian authorities have now declared a state of emergency once day after the cyclone struck the Mediterranean Island.

Now officials need the extra resources to give to the devastated areas, especially after the cyclone caused flooding water to drop 450 millimeters of rain in an hour and a half. This has been described as a terrifying explosion of water as thousands have now been estimated to have lost their homes, or had serious damage to their property from the storm.

Bridges and roads have been destroyed or closed making access by emergency services difficult. As a result the death toll and measure of damage by Cyclone Cleopatra is expected to climb significantly.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters