DC Comic's Batwoman Set To Marry Her Girlfriend?

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 21, 2013 5:18PM EDT
There might be another marriage for a superhero in the future. DC Comic's Batwoman has proposed to her girlfriend. In "Batwoman 17", Batwoman, also known as Kate Kane, pops the question to her police detective girlfriend Maggie Sawyer. Batwoman has been one of DC Comics biggest LBGT (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender) superheros since 2006 and has had several relationships while guarding Gotham City. But now, it appears Batwoman may be ready to settle down. "Batwoman 17 came out this week. It's a really special issue because Batwoman, who is DC's leading gay character, proposed to her girlfriend and revealed her secret identity at the same time," said Thor Parker, Social Marketing and Events Director for Midtown Comics. "It's always exciting to see that kind of stuff happen in comics because, you know, they are trying their best to mirror what's happening in the real world. So, this is a big deal in reality, they try to reflect that in comics," he added. In the United States, marriage equality is at the forefront of a political battle, with President Barack Obama announcing his support for gay marriage. But, if Batwoman were to wed, it would not be the first gay marriage in the comics. Last year, DC Comic rival Marvel broke new ground when gay superhero, Northstar of the X-Men series, married his boyfriend. "Actually, just recently Marvel Comics had one of their gay characters get married in an X-Men book last year. Which was really exciting because I think that was the first mainstream gay marriage in a superhero comic. So now it's two men getting married in that one and now Batwoman and her girlfriend are getting engaged possibly. I mean it ended as a cliffhanger, so we are not sure if she's saying 'Yes' or if she's saying 'No' or if the wedding will even happen. You know comics are crazy. A lot of things can go wrong so we'll see. We have to wait for the next issue," warned Parker. The publication of "Batwoman 17" comes about a week after DC Comics announced it had hired Orson Scott Card to write part on an upcoming "Superman" story. Card is on the board of the National Organization of Marriage, which opposes gay marriage. Parker says there is no connection between the two. "Batwoman 17" hit store shelves on Wednesday (February 20). Video Source: Reuters