Designers Talk Maternity Wear Tips For Pregnant Kate Middleton

Category: Entertainment / Feb 19, 2013 4:50PM EDT
As Britain's pregnant Duchess of Cambridge undertook her first public solo engagement since December on Tuesday (February 19), all eyes were set upon her growing baby bump. Wearing a grey wrap dress as she visited Hope House, a treatment centre for women who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, Kate appeared to show a slightly fuller figure. Prince William's wife, who has thousands of fashion admirers because of her style choices, is also credited for helping British designers and high street chains boost their sales. And whilst Britain's future queen may well have to say good-bye to some of the items in her wardrobe for the next few months, a pregnant Peaches Geldof tells Reuters Television, having a baby is no excuse to look less glamorous. "I think women have this weird mentality that when you get pregnant that you need to wear really old baggy leggings and like moth eaten t-shirts and it's sort of a time to slob out," he said. "Your body is at its most beautiful when you're pregnant because you have all of these hormonal surges that make your skin really good, your hair really good and I think why not take advantage of that like dress your body well. And I never really buy maternity wear and at home I'm constantly in like crappy pyjamas but when I'm out I just buy things like two sizes up or a size up and I wear that and that's what I think women should do like just buy clothes that you like a few sizes up, it's the same prize, why not do it." British designer Matthew Williamson, who counts the Duchess to his fans, reckons even a pregnant Kate could continue wear his dresses. "I do very well with the Empire line, what would you call it a maxi dress I believe it's known as.," he recently told reporters at the Elle Style Awards. "I know she's seen a lot of those styles that I've done so we'll see what she wears. I think she's you know she's a really stylish girl, she's going to look great pregnant, no pregnant. And if she wears Matthew Williamson it's all good," he said. While she didn't have any specific styling tips at hand, Dame Vivienne Westwood said the Duchess should not conceal her growing baby bump. "I don't know, women seem to be very proud of their big bellies and go around in bikinis whenever they get the chance and get photographed nude when they get the chance," she said. "What happens people just wear their normal things but I do think it's funny when you're going around with a t-shirt up here and your jeans down here and a big bare tummy sticking out," she added. Another of Kate's favoured designers, Daniella Helayel of Brazilian fashion label Issa, showcased her latest Autumn/Winter wear in London on Saturday (February 16) as part of London Fashion Week. Her blue wrap dress which Kate wore during the official engagement photocall in November 2010 has now hit the headlines again, this time as maternity version. But as Helayel told Reuters, it actually is still the very same dress. "You know like Issa dresses they're quite versatile so that dress actually it's the same dress that she wore for the engagement and it's been like now the retailers picked it mark it as maternity. It's very versatile and before and after like you know, great investment," she said. So it looks like Britain's pregnant style queen does not have to rely on the latest maternity fashion, but could still recycle some of her favourite outfits, even with her baby bump. (Video Source: Reuters)