Detroit Auto Show 2014: Kia Unveils Their GT4 Stinger Concept

Category: Companies / Jan 15, 2014 3:57PM EDT

The GT4 Stinger Concept gives car lovers a glimpse into the future of what a sports car may look like. In ‘Ignition Yellow’ this concept looks fast, powerful, and almost ready to drive out of the Auto Show. Given Kia’s past with producing cars that often resemble their concepts, will we see this high performance sports car on the roads?

James Hope, Product Communications Manager at Kia said that this Concept is not in line for production, but it does give customers an exciting glimpse into the future of Kia’s automotive direction.

The Sports coupe has a turbo charged, four-cylinder engine with 315 horsepower. Despite the obvious strength of this concept it’s fairly light, weighing in at 2,900 pounds. It has an aluminum center, with carbon fiber inserts.  The concept seems destined to drive the roads, so it will be interesting to see if Kia follows their trend of producing cars that heavily resemble their concept vehicles.