Diabetic Killer - Are You at Risk?

Category: Health / Jan 10, 2012 2:39PM EDT

According the NYC.gov there are approximately 82,000 people have diabetic lower limb amputations per year. Mayor Bloomberg unveiled with the American Diabetes Associations, the Ad Campaign are you ok for what he describes as a major health problem that is getting worse.

Joyce Lee from the University of Michigan warns that most damaging effects of childhood obesity are yet to surface, as type 2 diabetes comes later in life.

The National Diabetes Centre suggests that portion control is a wise way to monitor the odds of you getting type 2 diabetes. Other ways that you can reduce the risk is being active, having a healthy weight range and discussing it with your doctor.

The number of Americans diagnosed with type two diabetes has doubled in the past ten years, and 1 in five New Yorkers are suffering from it. More than often it is difficult to detect until serious illness like heart disease, stroke or kidney disease occur.

But what are the early symptoms? If you have increased thirst, hunger, fatigue... frequent urination- particularly at night, weight loss, blurred vision and sores that do not heal  you should consult your doctor.