Doctor Sentenced To 14-Years For Infecting 55 Woman With Hepatitis C

Category: World / Mar 07, 2013 12:07PM EDT
A former doctor was sentenced to 14 years in jail on Thursday (March 7) for infecting 55 women with hepatitis C at a clinic in a suburb of Melbourne Australia, local media reported. Sixty-three-year old James Latham Peters was a former anesthetist who worked at an abortion clinic between 2008 and 2009, local media said. Local media reported that Peters was addicted to fentanyl, which was used in procedures at the day clinic. He would inject himself then use the contaminated syringes on his patients. "The sentence handed down today should serve as a warning to all, especially those in the health industry that any abuse of community trust will be thoroughly investigated," said Detective Paul Robotham. Peters was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1997, the same year he was suspended for drug abuse, although he was later allowed to return to work, local media reported. Video Source: Reuters