Dolphin Stuck In New York Canal

Category: Society / Jan 25, 2013 4:29PM EDT
A dolphin got trapped in the Gowanus Canal, a waterway in the New York City borough of Brooklyn on Friday (January 25). Aerial shots showed the mammal bobbing up and down for air in the murky water of the canal that empties into the New York Harbor. The area is regarded as one of the nations most contaminated water bodies. New York Daily News reports that eyewitnesses said that the animal seem to be bleeding from its dorsal fin. New York Police Department and marine mammal experts from the Riverhead Foundation are on the scene to assist the dolphin. NYPD said that at the recommendation from the Riverhead Foundation they are waiting for the next high tide at 19:10 EST (00:10 GMT) to see if the dolphin can free itself. It will be on standby to assist Riverhead Foundation personnel if they decide to enter the water in the morning to aid the dolphin as the tide recedes.