Donald Trump Jr To Build Biggest Business Centre, Rio de Janeiro

Category: World / Dec 18, 2012 4:55PM EDT
Rio de Janeiro Mayor, Eduardo Paes, and the son of one of America's wealthiest businessman, Donald Trump Jr, announced on Tuesday (December 18) the construction of a mega business center in Rio de Janeiro's port region. The city's port region has been neglected for years, but since Rio won the rights to host the 2016 Olympic games, both government and private investment in the area has been forthcoming. Asked if he expected any conflict with local residents and how it might affect the project, Donald Trump Jr, said he couldn't see why people wouldn't want to see this happening. "I think in general and generally speaking, I think what this will do for Rio and the area I think it's going to be so positive that any rational individual will realize that it will outweigh those negatives," he said.