Double The Delight: Woman Gives Birth To Two Sets Of Identical Twins

Category: Society / Feb 19, 2013 4:12PM EDT
In a rare delivery a woman in Texas Houston has given birth to two sets of identical twins all boys. The couple, Tressa, 36 and Manuel Montalvo, 43 was not using fertility drugs and at ten weeks pregnant they were told that they were having twins. But soon after two more heart beats were confirmed and the couple discovered they were having two sets of twins. The babies were born small on Valentine’s Day weighing around 3-4 pounds each. The couple expressed their pure joy in their four new babies that will no doubt keep them busy: "Basically I just pumped my fist and was like 'yes!' Home-run," "We do feel like we hit the jackpot, yeah. But we didn't know the odds were like, that great," The odds of delivering two sets of naturally occurring identical twins is somewhere in the range of 1 in 70 million. Video Courtesy OF Reuters